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  Guangdong Nenking Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, the registered capital of 10 million Yuan, is the national high-tech enterprises, double soft business, Nanhai District, Foshan City Eagle Enterprise, is set research and development, production and operation, technical services, intelligent project One of the high-tech companies.
  2006 digital home system access to national small and medium-sized technology enterprise innovation fund, in June 2000 by the Ministry of Construction issued the "Innovation Storm" Gold Award..
  The company's main and former products include centralized meter reading system, cofax fax server, wireless intercom door machine, WBPS wireless projection server, MFU shared server, IC card access control system, digital home system, Bluetooth access card reader and so on.
  Our quality goal is "to improve the quality of staff, the use of international and domestic advanced standards, innovation, the pursuit of better, to provide users with high - quality products and first - class services, do domestic first - class system integrators and product developers.
  The Company to "talent" -oriented, active Bonner talented people. 80% have a bachelor degree or above, respectively, from all over the country key institutions and various professional positions, professional involved in computer, communications and automatic control. The company has research and development departments, production workshop, sales, Engineering Department, after-sales department, the Ministry of Purchasing, the Ministry of Finance.
   Today, Guangdong Nenking Technology Development Co., Ltd. Will as always uphold the fine tradition of service, first-class management, first-class service, first-class talents, first-class business and dedication to provide our clients with excellent products and services, together with all users Create a bright future for information.