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Fax server
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Cofax for enterprises to provide a professional fax application solutions. As long as there is a cofax server, each user can send and receive faxes through their own computers like sending and receiving email or printing files. Each user can be pre-set by the virtual fax extension, the received fax will be automatically distributed through the server to the corresponding employee computer. If you need to send a fax, only through the virtual printer, fill in the send number can be submitted to the server automatically queued to send, the user can monitor and control the status of real-time. Through the cofax client management, you can easily sort management, query, statistics, comments and editing. Remote access through the Internet, to achieve remote fax transceiver. Through our established "cool hair network", free of charge and send each other, you can also send a fee to the ordinary fax machine. We provide multi-account management, through the distributed structure to meet the large-scale enterprise multi-branch fax integrated management, to speed up the deployment and maintenance of the product more difficult. Cofax also provides C / S and B / S two ways to log on at the same time, to facilitate the deployment of the product.
Ofax fax server through a large number of customer practice has proved that customers can save a lot of fax expenses, greatly improve work efficiency and improve the level of business management of the fax business. With many representative customer cases. While providing a number of product lines to meet the needs of different customers.
With the current status of enterprise fax machines, coFax fax server solutions have a broad market space, can be widely used in government, finance, communications, trade, tourism, manufacturing and other industries need a lot of fax work can also be used for professional CTI field.
And branch offices, distributors and distributors of a large number of faxes between the transceiver.
International and domestic freight business, every day a large number of shipping documents need to send and receive fax.
Need to deal with a lot of fax, domestic and foreign orders and orders.
◆ Tourism
Travel agencies have a lot of travel business between the day, hotels, airlines and other bills need to fax to confirm.
◆ Government agencies
Many of the daily office files need to send and receive faxes, especially government files need to be confidential, the traditional fax mode is not confidential mechanism.
◆ Bank
Daily office, with the customer's business needs to send and receive fax, the account of the automatic reply.
◆ Securities fund
Daily office, with the customer's business dealings.
◆ Law firm
With the customer's business deal with a large number of electronic files need to send faxes, receive a lot of fax.
◆ Accounting firm
With the customer's business deal with a large number of electronic files need to send fax, receive a large number of fax, set the user's transceiver license.
◆ Design / exhibition company
Documents with customers / exhibitors need to send and receive faxes.