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Intelligent transportation
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In the field of intelligent transportation, Nengxing intelligent transportation industry with many years of accumulation, both solutions in the design concept, or in system integration, project implementation and operation and maintenance services, has a strong business, has in-depth coverage to all domestic city, including subway, light rail, highway, airport etc..





Program introduction
Urban traffic
Nengxing city traffic overall solution is from dynamic traffic personcarthe Road, police cooperation and game of behavior, provide a set of solutions of intelligent traffic management system and technical advisory services based on city traffic management.
Urban intelligent traffic control and command system
Illegal automatic record system for running red light
Traffic signal control system
Intelligent traffic detection system
Urban intelligent traffic guidance system
On ramp control system of Urban Expressway

Traffic video surveillance system


HD bayonet system


Public transportation
In order to improve the utilization efficiency of traffic resources, alleviate traffic congestion, has been jointly developed to complete the "rapid transit signal priority system", "intelligent public transport management system, passenger information service system" and a series of application system solutions.
Signal priority system for BRT
Intelligent bus dispatching management system
Public transportation
In order to promote the development of shipping traffic has been appointed, based in spatial database to improve overall operational efficiency as the goal, the integration of a variety of related information, the construction of targeted, shipping intelligent transportation system professional, and provide a set of shipping traffic solutions.
Static traffic
For car owners parking services APP, city road parking management platform, intelligent parking system, parking sensor networking intelligent terminal, traffic data analysis platform with static traffic system; and by creating intelligent solid garage high-end brand, build the city static traffic complex.
Safe city
Nengxing safe city is a comprehensive system to improve the comprehensive construction of city security and improve police efficiency level "as a guide, mainly around the public security organs of public security management and daily business work flow and the construction of police.
High-speed traffic
High speed traffic system on highway toll, communication, electrical contractor monitoring service, charging by weight, mobile monitoring, remote power industry special core products as the core, build up to the overall solution, contracting services and products as the main business structure, companies in the implementation of the project and system integration, product development design, production manufacturing is the advanced competitive advantage.
Rail transit
Nengxing is committed to improving the city track traffic information construction and modernization level of operation, including GPS security debugging system, rail traffic image information system, access control system, rail transportation, rail transportation security system of hazardous industries company image information system of rail transit system.
Railway traffic
According to information, railway transportation automation, the development trend of intelligent, Nengxing from reality, based on geographic information system data sharing platform, research and development of solutions include operation management, security management, improve the operational efficiency of the whole railway.