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Business presentation
Data precision marketing
Based on large data scene mobile marketing platform, relying on large data users, portrait and location information, real-time advertising accurate delivery. Have PUSH (bulletin board push advertising), PMP (quality media privatization purchase) and DMP (data management platform) and other business capabilities, to provide brand owners based on big data marketing solutions.
Big data platform applications
Smart city applications based on large data aggregation, relying on the accumulation of massive data push product coverage (1 billion domestic and foreign mobile terminals and 10 billion SDK cumulative access number). The unique combination of cold and hot temperature, big data analysis method, is widely used in city planning, city management, operations, marketing, mobile Internet scene real estate consulting, financial services, tourism and other areas of wisdom.
Data push service
For enterprise and developers to provide messaging push technology services, providing Android and IOS push SDK, support WEB and server-side push API access. APP rapid integration of cloud push features, eliminating development costs, and effectively improve product activity and user experience.