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Intelligent water cloud platform
Smart water cloud platform architecture based on cloud computing, to the city water supply and drainage integrated management information platform as the core, combined with intelligent decision system simulation model is built, the integrated design of water covering the entire value chain, with fine, dynamic and intelligent approach to water management, service and decision, to reach the water management the wisdom of the state.
Automatic control system of water treatment
Water treatment automatic control system of distributed computer control system based on modern computer technology, high PLC and intelligent instrument has the characteristics of inheritance, since the letter generated in the production process of centralized management, the realization of the overall operation, maintenance, management, optimization and decentralized control; risk, improve system reliability.
Ecological restoration system of river and lake water body
The water ecological restoration system of rivers and lakes through protection, planting, breeding, breeding the suitable combination of a series of automatic control technology in water plant, animal and microorganism and improve the biological community structure and diversity, increase the self purification capacity of water, reduce and eliminate water pollution, water ecological restoration and repair system.
Water quality monitoring system
The water quality monitoring system uses modern sensing technology, automatic detection technology, automatic control technology, computer application technology and supporting software and communication network to realize the comprehensive and automatic on-line monitoring of water quality.
Ecological restoration system of river and lake water body
Disaster warning system by monitoring data at all levels of disaster warning subsystem in the acquisition, transmission using wireless network technology monitoring information analysis center monitoring and early warning of disaster information transmission, broadcast information, timely monitoring, early warning and forecast for the disaster, and the decision and command scheduling provide express and accurate data basis.