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A facsimile server patent No: 200820042916.3
A Building Intercom System Based on High Speed Wireless Network  Patent No : 201410120905.2  Note: invention patent
A building intercom system with advertising function  Patent No: 2016071101198330  Note: invention patent
A door-to-talk device for communication using a public telephone network   Patent No: 201020508788.4  Note: Utility model patents
A USB network shared server for multi-function printers. Patent No: 201320166949.X  Note: utility model patents
A three-in-one server with fax, print, and scan capabilities. Patent No: 201320166659.5  Note: utility model patents
A management method for rental access. Application No .: 201610389385.4 Note: Invention patent, has been accepted
Master - slave architecture of the wireless intercom building door system. Application No .: 201611024969.8,201621257400.0 Note: invention and utility model patents, has been accepted
A method of transmission and management of access control data. Application No : 201410404772.1  Note: The invention patent has been accepted