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Changsha, Hunan MAN Engineering
Changsha is located in the middle of Hunan Province, the population of 800,000, an area of 2102 square kilometers, administer 14 towns and 7 townships, the entire metro project a total investment of 100 million Yuan, two or two years to implement. 50 million investment in a project mainly to establish the county's basic network platform, the county's 20 townships and all the global connection. The establishment of a high-speed network, in February 2003, I Division to undertake a project of the core database part of the network and part of the project, in September 2003 was fully completed.
Sanshui overseas Chinese middle school Network Engineering
Sanshui overseas Chinese middle school campus network project, a total of 175 information points. Construction began in September 2002, completed in October. Projects include: computer network engineering, multimedia classrooms, cable television networks, campus television and so on.
Qifu hospital project introduction
Nenking Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Guangzhou Huazei Aoxun Technology Co., Ltd. in May 23, 2002 to participate in Panyu Qifu hospital computer network equipment project tender, in August 2002 the successful bidder, the project in August 10, 2002 construction , The arrival date of all equipment on August 24, 2002, the project completed on September 12, 2002. The project includes:
1, pray for the hospital network center room design and installation works; pray for the hospital network fiber backbone design and laying the project
2, praying hospital network center room design and installation works;
3, blessing hospital network equipment uninterruptible power supply system;
4, pray for the hospital network equipment design and installation works;
5, pray for the hospital management system server planning and installation works;
6, pray for the hospital data backup system;
7, prayer blessing hospital network anti-virus system.