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Integrated product system
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Yicui Garden Community
Yicui garden is the first domestic intelligent demonstration area, covers an area of 250000 square meters, a total construction area of 580000 square meters, a total of 4390 units, all the applications we concentrated meter reading system, realized the water, electricity, gas, water meter reading automatically. Engineering construction time in May 1999, estimated completion date in August 2003, is divided into four period of development. Science and technology progress prize of Nanhai for 2000, August 2000, won the ministry of construction "innovation storm" national high-quality goods smart community special award. In 2001 won the honorary title of "information residential area" of Nanhai. The project include: closed-circuit monitoring, alarm fence, geographic information system (GIS), the elevator alarm, background music system, management of inward and outward, "all-in-one-card" system, INTERNET sites, property management system, electronic patrol system, information publishing system and video intercom system and other subsystems.
China Ceramic City Convention and Exhibition Center
China ceramics city located in the country's largest ceramics production areas Foshan city, covers an area of 860000 square meters. Of convention and exhibition center construction area of 30000 square meters, the starting time for in July 2002, the completion time is in December 2002, the convention and exhibition center application can hing company's IC card system, other systems include: building automation system, integrated wiring system, computer room decoration system, closed-circuit monitoring system, background music system, computer network system and equipment, while conferencing system adopts PHILPS DCN system.
Car video playback system
11, 2002, our company officially became AUDLOVOX products suppliers for a long time, long-term supply onboard video broadcast system products. AUDILVOX company is America's big three carmakers (gm, ford and Chrysler) car audio suppliers. With the continuous expansion and innovation of our products series, AUDLOVOX will continue to increase to our procurement, recently, Germany blue dot car audio company has confirmed our latest design of 7 inches top products, will be ready to purchase this product a lot.