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Guangdong power transmission engineering company coFax fax server

Time: 2017-11-06

      Guangdong Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering Company was established in August 1958 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation with a registered capital of 92 million yuan. The scope of business includes: First grade general contracting of power engineering; First class of power facilities (repair and test); Second class of engineering design of power industry; Second class of general contracting of power bulky transportation; Third class of general contracting of building construction. Concurrently contracted to send and receive projects to send and receive domestic and international bidding projects; power tools, motor cutter grinding production.

      Guangdong Transmission and Distribution Engineering Co., Ltd. Facing the decentralized facsimile management of various departments, the traditional fax machines are not clear, the faxes of engineering materials can not be stored for a long time, and the query is very inconvenient. Through the comparison of multiple brands, the cofax fax server is finally selected and the Ricoh composite The machine can quickly scan and send fax contracts, high definition, fax speed, send and receive faxes can promptly reminder, batch stamp to all pages, but also automatically back up to the shared folder, to facilitate the use of various departments, get good in all sectors Reaction.